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Is Footloose the key to GOP success?

Glenn Harlan Reynolds, a law professor at the University of Tennessee, wrote an interesting column in the NY Post regarding what he sees as an opportunity for the GOP. He says the GOP needs to shake of it’s Sunday shoes, as the song goes, and discard it’s image as the preacher from Footloose.

He says the GOP could tackle some youth-oriented issues and better compete for younger voters. Among his ideas:

1. End the federal age 21 drinking age. Eighteen is old enough for contracts, the military, voting and marriage, so we should expect 18 year olds to be responsible with alcohol as well.

2. Free up cell phones and allow customers to “unlock” them without being treated as a pirate under the law.

3. Tighten anti-piracy laws so they are abused less and are more specifically targeted toward fighting those actually trying to pirate intellectual property.

Read the column, let me know what you think!

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