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It’s a Bad day for Die Hard

In 1988 I walked into the theater and left, for the first time since 1981’s Raider’s of the Lost Ark, feeling like I’d seen an adventure for the ages. I returned time and again, loving it each time. No other Die Hard has measured up, but all have loomed above your average action movie… until now.

A Good Day to Die Hard is the Jaws 4 of Die Hard movies. It is the Alien 3 of the Alien series. It is Batman with nipples on his costume. It’s a bad day to see Die Hard.

The film never sets up any real suspense. It has car chases for no other reason than car chasing. It doesn’t take the action seriously and neither does the audience. The bad guys are generic and Bruce Willis is just going through the motions (though it says something about Bruce Willis that he’s still the most compelling aspect of the film).

If this were a Steven Seagal or Jason Stratham movie, I might say that I got what I expected, but as a Die Hard film, it died easy in my memory.

RIP Die Hard Franchise 1988-2013.

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