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Dr. Ben Carson: No Excuses

When I saw that Dr. Ben Carson was speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast, I knew something good would come of it. His life story– coming out of extreme poverty, his personal generosity (he’s worked 6 days a week for decades to help the sick) and witness–never fail to leave a deep impression.

He is also fearless. He speaks his mind regardless of the fury the PC crowd will heap upon him.

Many are looking at Dr. Carson’s speech and assume he was trying to “school” Obama or embarrass the president, but I don’t think that’s the case. Dr. Carson speaks with quiet deliberation. He’s not throwing bombs, he’s provoking thought. In this single speech he challenges the American people and our political leaders to think about:

1. Opportunity, not excuses

2. Refusing to be a victim.

3. the fairness of tax policy

4. What real health care reform would look like

5. The problem with PC speech codes

6. The power of parenting

7. The importance of learning and reading

8. The failures of our current education system

9. What civil discourse should look like.


I urge you to watch the speech (there’s also a good movie about the Dr.’s life story starring Cuba Gooding Jr. that’s worth watching). He does a better job explaining most concepts in under 2 minutes than any GOP Presidential Candidate did last year.

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