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Brent Musburger is owed an apology or two


I know we’re supposed to jump on the bandwagon and demand Musburger apologize for noticing that Katherine Webb is a beautiful woman. And yes, I know he already has through ESPN which released a statement that Brent knew he “crossed the line” and that they were sorry for that.

I would argue that the only people being “offensive” here are those who are posting lurid headlines describing something that didn’t happen. Mr. Musburger didn’t express lust or sexual desire, he didn’t fantasize or comment on some private part of her anatomy. He observed a fact, which is she is amazingly beautiful. He also observed that such beauty inspires young men. Headline writers and TV pundits may be additionally “outraged” to find this out, but school children are taught this truth when they read Homer’s Iliad and learn of Helen of Troy. Meanwhile, frequent, irrelevant mentions of Musburger’s age suggest discriminatory a attitude toward seniors.

The controversy surrounding this issue says more about our culture and the “gotcha” absurdity as a growing internet and cable trend.

Ms. Webb was not offended and neither was anybody else–not really at least. It’s the mob-mentality internet style.

If I’m wrong, and the masses are truly offended, they will be truly catatonic if they should notice that there are lines of girls designed to attract the eye, waving pom-poms and wearing short skirts on the sidelines of football games. I can’t say if they are attractive or not… apparently that would be “offensive.”

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