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The “Silver” Lining to the Election Results for Conservatives

“Silver” might be a bit of a stretch. “Aluminum” might be more like it. While some may wonder why conservatives are still walking around as though they’re recovering from an abdominal wound, it’s not confusing if you understand that when conservatives said this was possibly the most important election of their lifetimes, they meant it.

President Obama has piled on more debt in one term than all other presidents combined. He talks about wanting to do something about it, but his actions speak otherwise. With the aid of a “conservative” Supreme Court, he has expanded the power of the federal government to force citizens to buy a product. His “reforms” are thousands upon thousands of pages that empower bureaucrats and regulators rather than citizens. In blatant election pandering, he ignored the limitations of his powers (which he himself had before recognized) and pronounced a executive “DREAM” act to pander for Hispanic votes he’d ignored when he had the legislative power to properly act. He has run roughshod over the religious freedom of churches and individuals in an unprecedented way. He is fawned over for saying “their are no red states and blue states, only the United States” and yet runs a campaign in which his opponent wants a man’s wife to die of cancer, any concern about border security is racist, and the GOP wants poor people enslaved to the rich. And the list goes on.

A media so blinded by their predispositions and biases used their positions to guard the president and attack his opponent (Mitt Romney’s “gaffe-filled” trip to Europe, for example, in which Mitt said what all of Europe and the press was saying, but when he, as a former head of the Olympics says it, is an “embarrassment.” Or when Candy Crowley defends the president as a moderator in a debate on a point which Romney was almost entirely correct about–or CBS’s withholding of embarrassing video. Or the fact that when a Republican was president, Guantanamo was a human-rights outrage, but with Obama it was a non-issue… as were war casualties, unemployed people, predator strikes, declining income, etc.

So yes, there is a sense of unfairness.

But more importantly, there is a sense that America has lost its senses, that we have reached a tipping point in which more Americans are interested in taxing others to pay for what they want than they are in having the freedom to pursue their talents and provide for themselves.

Have we reached the tipping point?


But the “silver” lining is this: Freedom works. The free market works. Moms AND dads ARE vital to the rearing of children. Life is sacred. Personal responsibility DOES improve lives and outcomes. Peace IS best preserved through strength. In other words, truth is on our side. It doesn’t mean we’ve always presented it well, or applied it wisely, but our principles are true and there is a power in truth.

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