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Is a “Tea Party” Congress at fault?

Voters in the 10th Congressional District will choose between Democrat Denny Heck and Republican Dick Muri. Heck is out with his first TV ad and it seems to me if voters are paying attention, it is an argument AGAINST electing him.

Heck is trying to say it’s the influence of the Tea Party that has people irritated with Congress. But let’s all think back to 2010–when Democrats controlled super majorities in BOTH the House of Representatives and the Senate. THAT’s when Democrats shoved through Obamacare using parliamentary gimmicks even AFTER Massachusetts–MASSACHUSETTS!–elected a REPUBLICAN to replace Ted Kennedy because they didn’t like the direction the country was headed. The Democrat controlled Senate hasn’t come forward with a budget (despite being legally required to do so) in years.

Now Heck wants you to believe that we need a return to the pre-tea party era of Congress–an era in which people were even more annoyed with their lawmakers than they are currently.

Tempermentally, Heck strikes a moderate pose. But this “Give Congress Heck” ad strikes me as his way of saying “Let’s do our part to bring back Speaker Pelosi.”

I don’t think that’s the kind of “Heck” voters have in mind, but he has the money to sell it.

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