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Arnold’s “Total Recall”

For the ’80s action fan, there are but two names: Stallone and Schwarzenegger. But while Stallone is having a career resurgence returning to the movies that made him a star (albeit jazzed up for a more contemporary audience), Arnold is… well, on a book tour. Yes, he got to share top-billing in Expendables 2 and yes, he is staring in a new action movie alongside Johnny Knoxville (who’s a star in the “Jackass” flix, but whose smirk is enough to keep me from theaters whenever he’s “acting.”), but none of that seems alluring. Unlike Stallone, who seems to be saying, “Thanks fans! I’m going to end my career with a bang!” Arnold seems to be saying, “Vell, da politfcs didn’t verk out zat vell, so I’ll do a few moovies and collect da paycheck. I still got it.”

He also has a new book out, Total Recall. The title is meant to bring fans back to his glory days, but since it is being billed as a “tell all” that includes details of his “affair” with his maid, all it does for me is keep me thinking about the rest of his family and how creepy that whole situation was.

I’ve not read the book and have no plans to. My love for Arnold has not yet recovered. But if Stallone comes out with a memoir entitled, “I Drew First Blood!” sign me up.

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