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NEW BOOK explains Obama: What does he really mean when he says something?

Check out the "Little Red Book of Obamunism" by Chairman Mao's.

As many of you know, a running joke on my show has been the “cult of personality” evidenced by the Obama campaign (the slogans, the hyperbole, the worship, the “O” hand signal”, the healing of “the hole in our souls”, etc). I’ve also poked fun at those who claim Obama is Marxist, Socialist, Euro-Socialist, Communist, and especially those who say “free market champion.” But rather than try to convince all the different sides to agree on one label, I urged the adoption of a new label “Obamunist”–an ideology in which the most important component is Obama. It’s made me laugh since 2008.

Well, I was thumbing through a copy of Chairman Mao’s “Little Red Book”, a Christmas present from my old friend and mentor Peter Weissbach, and was struck by how the cover symbol reminded me of Obama as well as the stylized portraits inside. In the original, Chairman Mao’s various quotes are in English on one side with a translation into Chinese characters on the other. I decided to do a parody in which Obama’s quotes would be “translated” into what he really means as if he himself is doing the translation for the faithful.

The book is meant to be fun, a conversation starter (or ender) but also a handy reminder of things the president has said. It’s pocket-sized and meant to be a novelty that you might pass on to friends. I hope it gives you a laugh.

You can get a copy by sending a check to “Crow Tools Entertainment” PO BOX 65362, Tacoma WA 98464. Books are $10 for 1 or $25 for 3 (domestic shipping included). The reason for the seemingly lower Amazon price below is that Amazon charges $3.99 for shipping, so the price for customers is the same, but Amazon gets a cut. Sending the check is cheaper if you want more than one. If you want one faster, but want to pay by credit card, email your contact information to

You can also get the book on ($6.99 but after shipping it should come out to just over $10). The Kindle version is also available for $1.99 as is the Nook version that works for you iPad (if you get the free Nook ap).

If you are a fan, PLEASE leave a review on Amazon or Barnes and Noble and share a link to this on Facebook or Tweet a link to your conservative friends.

If you’re not a fan, you can leave me a nasty message below….

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