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Traitor or American Genius?

She’s an American girl, born and raised in South Dakota, loves our national anthem and plays professional WNBA basketball for San Antonio. But after failing to make the USA Olympic Team she obtained dual citizenship with Russia so she could play on THEIR team. She says it’s just a business deal, but the TEAM USA coach sees a traitor… at least in spirit. Hammond says she just wants to compete… and make a LOT more money. With the Russian deal she stands to make $2million plus bonuses vs. her $94K/year salary for the WNBA. Observers also say she’ll raise her European profile as a player as well.

Hammond asks “what could be more American” than finding a way of earning more money to compete. Of course, playing for the Americans comes to mind….

So which is it? Is she to be condemned or applauded? I confess, if this were 1982, I’d side with easy condemnation, but as it stands right now, with Russia basically a thugocracy and basketball seeming like such a money-for-hire kind of competition anyway, I find myself surprisingly sympathetic to her deal.

If she were in gymnastics, track, or swimming on the other hand….

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