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Rantz: Hypocritical, local reaction to marijuana move

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee. (AP)

Attorney General Bob Ferguson feels “troubled” and Governor Jay Inslee feels disrespected by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions? Oh please.

REPORT: US to end policy that let legal pot flourish

I’m a supporter of the legalization of marijuana. I voted for I-502 and I think weed should be legalized nationally. Unlike Ferguson and Inslee, I’m a consistent supporter of states’ rights. Can Ferguson and Inslee stop pretending to be shocked by Sessions’ move and maybe act a little less hypocritically?

When Washington state decided to legalize marijuana, it did so knowing the move was in opposition to federal law and it was only allowed because the administration, at the time, said they wouldn’t enforce federal law.

Since the Obama administration unilaterally acted without getting Congress involved, no matter who was in office — Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump — our decision to legalize marijuana for recreational use would be subject to whims of the new administration.

Ferguson has offered to meet with Sessions on this and his requests have been ignored. Gee, I wonder why. Perhaps publicly making the Trump administration your enemy with a slew of lawsuits your campaign is raising money off of has negative consequences for our state?

Inslee says this expected move by Sessions “disrespects Washington voters who have chosen a different path for our state” as it relates to marijuana. Um, then didn’t Washington disrespect the federal government’s chosen direction on the topic?
Inslee is suddenly about state’s rights, except when a state decides to back religious freedom in a way that offends him. Then, Inslee is OK disrespecting that state by prohibiting government travel there (hey — a travel ban Inslee supports).

I guess that state’s right to decide how they approach religious liberty isn’t worth the respect Inslee suddenly demands from Sessions.

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