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Michael Wolff
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Are the ‘spectacular’ revelations in Michael Wolff’s book new?

Michael Wolff. (File, Associated Press)

The president is clearly angry about Michael Wolff’s new book about the chaos in the White House.

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Donald Trump can’t understand why everybody in America doesn’t wake up every morning saying, thank you, Donald.

I get that. But are we really going to spend another year debating who Donald Trump really is? Is there something new to learn here?

For example, the “spectacular” revelation that Donald Trump was as surprised as anyone that he was elected president, and didn’t really want the job.

Before we stop the presses, didn’t he basically tell us that repeatedly when he was running? He would stand in front of the crowds at his rallies and say “Look at this! Can you believe this?

That famous quote when he said, “I could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue, etc…” – that’s just another way of saying, “I can’t believe I’m getting away with this.”

And frankly, I think most people who are elected president, if they’re being honest, would admit that at some point they looked at themselves in the bathroom mirror and think, “am I actually the president? God Help Us.”

Donald Trump said repeatedly that he has to be who he is.

His presidency is closer to his candidacy than any president I can remember. His campaign was all about creating chaos, and he delivers every day.

He delivered yet again on Thursday when he ordered his lawyer to write that letter to Henry Holt & Co. demanding it cease publication of the book.

Fortunately, we, the founders of this nation, wrote the Constitution to protect the country from the excesses of a president who might be kind of full of himself. And I imagine there are judges lining up right now for the privilege of dismissing that case. Whether it’s dismissed or not, you can buy the book now.

The book is $21.00 on Amazon, $9 off the list price. I’m guessing even with the discount not only does Michael Wolff make money, but so does Jeff Bezos — money which he can pump right back into The Washington Post.

Right there you have at least two people who may not say it publicly, but privately wake up every morning saying, thank you, Donald.

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