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A Onesie for adults: Have UW fashion police “Couged” it?


The Seattle PI blog had a write-up about a new garment for UW fans… a onesie… for adults.


While I was impressed with the entrepreneurial spirit of these students, I found the photos, well, embarrassing. For some reason, female students can get away with it to a certain extent, but male students look like they were rejected for a recent Time magazine cover. It’s as if Jonathan Winters’ performance on Mork and Mindy has provided the inspiration for new fashion at the UW. They’re not much different from overalls, and I can see where they might come in handy if they were flame-orange and you were out hunting in the winter, and yet I almost feel like it’d be better to succumb to the cold than to wear one.

I hope they catch on, at least briefly, so that the kids make some coin, but then I hope they go extinct like the parachute pants of my youth.

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