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Eco-warrior Gov. Jay Inslee helps destroy environment

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee. (AP)

Well, this is embarrassing. Governor Jay Inslee, who just a few years ago asked Washingtonians to telecommute as a means to get environmentally-unfriendly cars off the road, is using his office to help destroy the environment.

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Inslee is being called out by the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board and it’s not a good look for Inslee.

With Inslee’s permission — and a tax bill taxpayers are helping to subsidize — the governor’s senior policy adviser, Chris Davis, is commuting to Marrakesh, Morocco for his wife’s teaching job so that his kids are exposed to life overseas.

As you can imagine, that kind of commute is environmentally costly. According to the WSJ:
When Mr. Davis traveled from Marrakesh to New York to Washington for work this fall, he incurred more than $3,700 in taxpayer-funded expenses. He emitted more than 4,500 pounds of carbon on the journey, according to a United Nations flight emissions calculator. The Governor’s office also approved $2,082 in expenses for Mr. Davis’s expedition from Morocco to Germany in November.

Inslee’s office knew they’d be called out for this behavior, so his communication’s department, per the WSJ, put together some sloppy talking points on how to react when questioned. They even rewrote Davis’ job description so that they can claim this kind of travel is part of the job.

I don’t mind that Davis is traveling overseas while on our payroll. If he’s doing his job I don’t necessarily care if he does it, part of the time, overseas. But I’m also not an environmental extremist like Inslee. And, also unlike Inslee, I’m not a giant hypocrite who prefers to spout off eco-platitudes while helping to destroy the environment one international, state-sanctioned, unnecessary plane ride at a time.

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