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Tom Shillue


Focus on the State of the Union, not the President’s state of mind

A message to the president from Michael Medved:

Congratulations, Mr. President, on your first year in office.

In the upcoming State of the Union Address you should highlight our strong economy, progress against ISIS, cuts in taxes and regulation, judicial appointments and more. You should paraphrase Ronald Reagan by asking: are you better off than you were one year ago? An overwhelming majority will say yes. But please, Mr. President, don’t let Democrats change the focus from the state of the union to the state of your mind.

Of course, your opponents have been nasty and unfair, but hitting back at them in similarly nasty terms only diminishes your stature. Worst of all, it takes attention from progress of everyday Americans, where you can’t lose, to focus on embarrassing arguments about your intelligence or emotional stability, where it’s hard to win.

You can unify the country by concentrating on the well-being of millions, not the ongoing arguments swirling around one man’s personality.

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