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Shower thoughts: Vegans, #MeToo, and a degenerate car prowler

It’s Wednesday, it’s cold. Let’s jump in, turn it up extra hot for some shower thoughts.

Cheap laundry and fancy drinks

I don’t typically do a lot of dry cleaning. Pretty much every day on the Ron & Don Show is casual Friday. Am I the only one who thinks $14.50 is a lot to dry clean a light jacket? And $9 for a sweater? I think I only paid like $20 for that sweater in the first place.

Along the same lines, I’m pretty sure that I have selective cheap syndrome. I’m totally outraged by my dry cleaning bill, but I’m OK with spending $15 on a fancy drink. What’s up with that?


I tried riding one of those app bikes in January. In the cold. And it was raining. Turns out it wasn’t that much fun. I ended up parking it early, and just walking in the rain like a real Seattleite.

Vegans and cryptocurrency

Who’s more annoying to listen to: enthusiastic vegan, or enthusiastic bitcoin guy?

Degenerate car prowler

To the degenerate that rifled through my car in the middle of the night. Really? What’s your deal? Do you check my car door every night, or just happened to be a jerk on the exact night I forgot to lock it?

And thanks for not breaking my window to steal an iPhone charging cable.

Sidewalk fast lanes

I propose that we apply the interstate fast lane concept to sidewalks. If you are a slow walker, or in a group that likes to spread out like sidewalk-hogging blob, move to the right! Speed it up people, or at least don’t clog the entire walkway! Stop the sidewalk shuffle!

Oh, and while we’re at it, would it kill you to look up from your phone while crossing the street? Because it definitely might kill you not to.

#MeToo rules

On a serious note, now actor James Franco finds himself in the #MeToo cross hairs. His situation seems way more tricky to me. One woman invoked the hashtag for contractually agreed upon nudity in a movie Franco directed. But wait, if it was in the contract, and you signed it, I don’t think that’s some kind of Harvey Weinstein moment. Seems like the actress could have not taken the role.

A second woman describes a possibly creepy moment on a date with Franco. Is that covered by #MeToo? Doesn’t there have to be some kind of work-related power dynamic to qualify as harassment? I don’t think awkward or embarrassing ending of dates qualify.

Maybe I’m wrong. Women, please let me know.

How’s your New Year’s Resolution going?

We’re 10 days into 2018 — how’s that resolution going? I took a lot of flak for saying that resolutions are for suckers. How do you like me now?

It’s not too late to make substantive changes to life, but the New Year’s Resolution model isn’t going to get it done in my opinion.

Have a goal, make a plan, write it down, and be accountable. You got this.

Anyone else ready to get on a plane and fly to where the sunshine is this weekend?

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