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Jason Rantz


Rantz: Democrats pretend to have car tab fee fix


Sound Transit and urbanists-at-all-cost activists deceived Washington tax payers out of hard-earned money with the passage of ST3 to stuff their coffers of a transportation agency that frequently delivers projects late and over-budget.

Even Democrats are acknowledging it’s unfair — though they won’t do much about it.

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When we voted on ST3, nobody knew the old calculations the state used to bilk us out of tax dollars would be used to calculate our car-tab fees. Some activists claim they knew all along, but we all know they’re lying in a lame effort to pretend they’re smarter than everyone else.

Now, people are getting hit with sticker shock, paying hundreds extra for old vehicles. Many people can’t afford it.

Never fear, however, Democrats are pretending to have a fix.

State Representative Kristine Reeves (D-Federal Way) introduced a bill that allows you to pay your car-tab fees in installments over the course of a year. Think about the message this bill sends: the fees are so exorbitant and unfair, it would burden people to pay it all up front.

The bill is well-intentioned, but all it does is postpone the pain Washingtonians will feel. These same Progressives scream about the injustice of student loan debt, rents that are too high, and regressive taxes. But they’ll happily collect car tab fees dishonestly passed. They’ll just slowly bleed the money from you.

How compassionate.

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