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5 things hiding in your crawlspace

SPONSORED — When the weather outside is frightful, vermin of all kinds find your crawlspace oh, so delightful. That’s because, like you, creepy crawlies, rodents and even snakes (oh, my!) find the weather outside uncomfortably cold and wet. There’s nothing like a warm, dry crawlspace to invade for the winter — and it’s your home that’s going to suffer.

Your crawlspace, while promoting air circulation throughout your home and providing easy access to plumbing and electrical wiring, can also be the cause of some disturbing home-maintenance issues. If you want to protect your home, eventually you’re going to need to shed some light on your home’s darkest corner. Here’s what you may not know is hiding in your crawlspace.

Nothing a three-step process can’t solve

If you don’t like the idea of sharing your home with the Earth’s most vile creatures, don’t despair. According to American Crawlspace, a three-step process is all you need to get your crawlspace spick and span – even before it’s time for spring cleaning.

“We go in and remove the soiled and damaged crawlspaces and insulation along with any pests,” explained Mark Lee, president of American Crawlspace Cleanouts. “Then we seal the area to make sure pests can’t get back in. Lastly, we go back and replace the damaged insulation so the home stays warm and pest-free.”

If you’re not sure who — or what — you’re living with, it’s probably time to get your crawlspace checked out. Call a professional today.

Dirt and other ‘brown stuff’

Crawlspaces aren’t exactly spacious areas, nor are they comfortable. These spaces can measure as little as 1 foot high and are typically exposed to bare earth, and not the concrete or flooring you’d expect to see in a basement. Because of this, crawlspaces are dirty, yes, but what might surprise you is the amount of other “brown stuff” that’s polluting your space.

If you’ve got an insect or rodent infestation, obviously you’ll have to deal with the fecal matter that comes along with that. What you might not expect is that neighborhood cats, skunks, raccoons and other wild animals might also be using your crawlspace as a latrine. In an area that gets no rainfall and very little air circulation, that’s a problem.

Way too much humidity

The Pacific Northwest isn’t exactly arid. With its high humidity and precipitation, the local weather could be your crawlspace’s biggest threat. Your crawlspace is dark and isolated. Add to that extreme humidity and you’ve got a breeding ground for mold, mildew and bacteria.

If you’ve recently had your crawlspace inspected, it’s likely your vapor barrier — which protects your space and your home from excess moisture — is in good condition. However, if it is not, or if you don’t have one, you could be facing a major mold issue.

“It’s important to get your crawlspace inspected by a licensed professional each year for general maintenance,” advises American Crawlspace, a licensed pest control company that specializes in crawlspace and attic insulation.

Four-legged foes

You might not find the confines of your crawlspace any too comfortable, but chances are there are a whole lot of four-legged creatures that do. Mice, rats, possums and even skunks can make themselves at home in your crawlspace if you’re not careful.

While they have no legs at all, it’s not uncommon to find snakes slithering through the area. The only way to make sure you’re not hosting a slew of squatting rodents (or worse) is to get your crawlspace inspected regularly by a pest control professional.

Insects and arachnids

Arachnophobic individuals take note: Your crawl space could be the source of your spider problem. If you’ve seen a few too many eight-legged terrors invading in your home of late, it’s time to get your crawlspace inspected for a problem. Spiders, roaches and other insects love the dark, dank home your crawlspace provides.

Not to mention that old insulation and wood beams serve as both food and nesting materials for many an invader. Before your little problem becomes an outright infestation, get that space cleaned out.

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