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Students Send Cards and Letters to Oso Rescue Teams

A picture drawn by one of Amber Bobst's students.

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Amber Bobst teaches 4th grade at Brooklake Christian School in Federal Way. She's been really upset about the mudslide but she can't afford to give a big donation.

"I just started thinking, what is something I can do that doesn't cost a lot of money that would help them out? I was thinking about how these firefighters are feeling, coming off of a long day, and I thought, you know, cards from kids, as a teacher, is one of my favorite things. It just encourages my heart. So I thought, I could have my own students write letters to encourage these people."

So she had her class make cards for the rescue workers.

"One of my students [cards] said, 'Encourage one another until the end. Don't give up until all is found.' Another one says, 'Do not be discouraged and please keep up the good work in Oso. I hope that you find all the people that are stuck in the landslide.' 'Thank you guys for saving so many people. I really want you to be happy. I love you and I love that you are saving others.'"

The kids also drew pictures on the cards.

"One girl drew a really cute firefighter with a hat on that says, 'Fireman save the day.' Another student drew a rainbow with a firefighter in the hills."

She says it's been hard to explain the situation to the kids without telling them too much about the people who didn't survive the natural disaster.

"It was really hard. There were a few who still haven't hear at all what happened. A lot of them are like, 'What's a landslide? How did it happen? Why did it happen?' There are just so many hard questions. I also explained there probably are some people who are not alive and we need to be thinking about their families and praying for them and understanding that they're going to have a really hard time."

Amber thinks teachers across the Puget Sound region should send cards from their students.

"I would just encourage other teachers to do this because I have been blown away by what my kids are writing. As other teachers know, I don't have a lot of money so I can't contribute financially, which is what the people of Oso need. So for me, this is just the easiest way for me to [give]."

We recommended Amber send the kids' cards to the Oso Fire Department for distribution:

21824 State Route 530 Arlington, Washington 98223

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