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Seattle says to good, blue collar jobs: ‘Well, bye bye’

(KIRO 7)

Rich, prosperous Seattle elites love fresh seafood. They Instagram their dinners and lunches and take out of town visitors out for real seafood. But rich, prosperous, entitled, leftist Seattle power brokers hate the seafood industry.

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These blue collar positions are not jobs or businesses they value. So, we are losing our fishing industry, which is also a deep, important part of our heritage and a way of life for people who, for some odd reason, have chosen careers in something other than much-worshiped STEM or the even more worshiped social justice industry.

Bye bye Seattle jobs

Two companies are leaving Seattle because of the local business treatment. One of them, Keyport, is leaving Ballard due to the changing business climate. Yes, the climate of good, blue collar jobs is changing because Seattle’s leftists have no interest in maintaining them. The culture that surrounds fishing doesn’t appeal to their snobbery. It doesn’t satisfy their blood-thirst for big business. It won’t fuel their self-aggrandizing drive to be mini-Castros handing out sustenance to the masses (who the city council arrogantly views as better off being fed scraps than having a chance to rise with great jobs like fishing, construction, and other forms of labor).

Jenny Durkan prefers billionaire-owned hockey teams to the local business of fishing. She glad hands with the NHL. Durkan did nothing to speak out against a tunnel in which the many trucks serving fishing companies won’t fit. She is actively seeking taxes that make having fishing labor here impossible. But, keep in mind, she is both a woman and gay, so at least we have those two accomplishments to balance out her hypocrisy.

Mike O’Brien prefers derelict RV camps and importing drug dealers and sex traffickers to Seattle. At least he isn’t a hypocrite; he hates any form of business unless its his wife’s. She apparently used illegal, unpaid labor, but at least she isn’t Amazon.

Kshama Sawant. Well, I mean, do I need to add anything to that statement? No.

The rest of the council is simply the rest of the Borg.

In some ways I wish more businesses would hurry up and leave. It would hasten what is the inevitable outcome of Seattle’s leftist rule: a crash. That way we could rebuild from what is destine to become SeaTroit.

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