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Dow Constantine, washington taxes
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I feel so sorry for poor Smack Daddy Dow Constantine

King County Executive Dow Constantine. (King County)

Can you imagine the hurt? Dow Constantine was going to go to Olympia. The man who earned the nickname Smack Daddy Dow for his obsession with creating government-funded heroin dens against the expressed wishes of King County residents, had it all worked out. Dow Constantine was going to be governor.

The greatest laid plans

The greatest money laundering scheme in history of local governments, Sound Transit, is Dow’s personal favor machine. So much so that Constantine openly lied on his Public Disclosure Commission report when he chose to not admit he is on their board. Had he been honest, Constantine would have been forced to disclose any potential conflicts in his role as King County Executive and Sound Transit board member. The problem is, it is all a conflict.

Constantine has spent years building King County into a Democrat Machine City. In pursuit of more donations from more Democrat owned and operated government employee unions, King County Metro is doing everything but its core mission. It is once again being investigated for failing to serve disabled people and is, instead, taking hipsters hiking.  In pursuit of a bigger census count and federal grant dollars to hand to his cronies in the business of stagnating homelessness, Constantine has invited homeless people to come here. People have left Hawaii–HAWAII!!–to live here where they can perform eminent domain on our parks and openly shoot up. He has erected a virtual international welcome sign to illegal immigrants, who place a burden on public services. This simply allows Constantine to wash – rinse – repeat his way to getting more money to hand more friends.

It was all set. Smack Daddy Dow Constantine would be governor.

Enter Sideshow Bob and exit Dow’s Dream

Then, Bob Ferguson discovered that he, not Dow, had the sweet set-up. In a move that earned him the nickname Sideshow Bob, Ferguson began using the Washington State Attorney General’s Office as his own, personal fundraising PAC. When he sued or joined a suit against President Trump, Sideshow Bob sprinted to TV cameras while his campaign staff spit out fundraising emails. The Stranger made Sideshow Bob a pin-up idol. Articles in the Huffington Post explain that the new confederacy of Washington State, complete with forced speech laws and government proudly violating State and Federal Law, may save “Democracy.” Sideshow Bob has destroyed the long laid plans of Smack Daddy Dow Constantine.

Be careful what you wish for . . .

The real losers, here, are Washington state voters who are numerically owned by King County’s tax and burn the money in a pagan fire pit. That count has gotten more lopsided with various imported residents who are now able to donate other people’s money to communist and liberal politicians who promise to add to their numbers and to topple evil businesses in pursuit of the nirvana of equal misery. Constantine is a good, old fashioned con artist. Sideshow Bob, on the other hand, is a dangerous man. Bob’s apparent refusal to follow Campaign Finance Law has him facing charges that may amount to class c felonies. He is an Attorney General who openly lies about what laws say, proudly picks and chooses when to apply the law. Sideshow Bob also has a hunger for tyranny and enjoys crushing people using the sledge hammer of government. They are both awful, but Sideshow Bob is uniquely dangerous.

The Republicans had better be hard at work on turn out models for Washington state outside the King County core of corruption. Only massive GOP turnout can save the state from the worst governor in its history.

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