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Package thief in Bothell receives immediate karma

A Bothell home’s security camera captured one criminal’s bout with immediate karma. The tape shows a package thief stealing three boxes from the home’s front porch and then falling, hard.

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“This is the sound of a woman slipping and hurting her ankle while stealing a package,” KIRO Radio’s John Curley said.

After the woman slips and falls, a man wearing a Russell Wilson Seahawks jersey comes running to her aid.

“You know, Russell Wilson is known for his magnanimity, his generosity,” Tom said.

“Then he drove her right to Children’s Hospital,” Curley joked.

Many local homeowners are taking measures to stop people from stealing their packages. One man rigged a shotgun blank to scare off would-be thieves. A nanny in Everett apprehended a suspect herself and held her until the police arrived.

“You know what’s so weird about these porch pirates? You could be stealing a beer koozie,” Curley said. “You’re risking your future with a criminal offense and just stealing whatever. It makes absolutely no sense.”

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