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Ingredient of the Week: Blueberries

Seattle's blueberry season is fast approaching, and Thierry and Tom have a few suggestions to make your them savory. (AP File Photo)

It's the peak of California's blueberry season, and Seattle's is soon to follow. Chefs Tom Douglas and Thierry Rautureau suggest ways to use summer's most perfect, antioxidant-rich fruit.

"I'm a big fan of taking blueberries the savory route," Tom says. "I also like them in a dessert, and they're certainly welcome at any part of the meal." But Tom particularly enjoys putting them in his sweet corn and blueberry salad, "with basil and black pepper and a little mustard vinaigrette."

Thierry enjoys pairing blueberries with fennel. "I think it makes a great combination. The only thing is, you can't necessarily macerate too far ahead of time, or else your fennel will turn blue," he says. "What I recommend is to macerate - and I usually do just a simple, rice vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper - and I macerate the fennel in with that, and then at the last minute, add the blueberries."

Thierry adds that this makes a great salad on the side if you're grilling lamb chops. It also makes a suitable garnish.

Tom suggests using blueberries as a crush to your meat. "It doesn't make it mealy like red wine does."

And if you let your blueberries get over-ripe, Thierry says not to worry. "You can always make vinegar with it. You just put a little bit of red wine vinegar and red wine, and let it macerate for a couple of months at room temperature."

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