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Ingredient of the Week: Cherries

An early frost and late rains has made the Washington cherry season tough. Tom and Thierry offer their favorite ways to make the most of your cherries. (File Photo)

It's been a tough season for Washington cherries: a late frost and tons of rain means prices are going up. But the good news? "They're really delicious this year," says chef Tom Douglas.

Due to the prices, if you purchase cherries, you'll want to make sure they're going to good use.

"If it's that delicious and that expensive," says chef Thierry Rautureau, "I'm probably going to make a fresh salad. Probably take some corn on the cob - take the kernel off the cob - mix that with some diced cherries, some shallots, a little mirin, a little olive oil, and that's it."

Thierry says making a summer salad with your cherries will preserve the flavor; which, after all, is what you want if they're so expensive.

Tom, however, would rather simply melt some chocolate and make chocolate-covered cherries.

"I'm going to take my cherries this year, and I love doing this with the big, fat Bings, just melt chocolate, dip them in the chocolate, and let them set," says Tom.

Tom prefers not to pit the cherries, otherwise they get too juicy. Thierry, on the other hand, suggests pitting the cherries, rubbing them in chocolate, and adding liqueur with a syringe.

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