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Ingredient of the Week: Blackberries

Blackberries can make a great savory addition to classic game dishes, as well as salmon or pork. (File/Photo)

It's berry season, and Whole Foods Market has great blackberries for you to enjoy this summer, particularly if you can't grow them in your backyard. So how are you going to use these delectable morsels?

"To me, they can be used in a much more savory way," says chef Tom Douglas. "If you're doing something with you know, like, elk, or some other classic game meat and blackberries, those are much more savory."

"Grilled salmon and blackberry, if you do it right with a little vinegar, can be so delicious," chef Thierry Rautureau adds.

Thierry also recommends making a dressing from blackberries. He suggests pureeing the berries in a blender, and adding a touch of vinegar and olive or canola oil.

Blackberries also go well with cheese, Tom says, as long as the cheese acid doesn't overpower the tang of the berry. He recommends using ricotta or other neutral or bright palate cheese.

Another simple recipe for blackberries, as long as you're not too eager to try it immediately, is make a blackberry vinegar, says Thierry.

"Take some red wine and add blackberries and let it do its thing on the counter for a couple of months," he says. Around Christmas, you'll have a lovely blackberry vinegar.

Whole Foods Markets are a proud sponsor of Seattle Kitchen's Ingredient of the Week.

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