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Ingredient of the Week: Pears

Fall pears can be made either sweet or savory with recommendations from Seattle chefs Tom Douglas and Thierry Rautureau. (File Photo)

"Pear is a beautiful fruit," chef Thierry Rautureau, "when they're perfectly ripe."

Chef Tom Douglas recommends making a pear tart. "I take the pears and I cut them in half, then I take my melon-baller to de-stem them from top to bottom, and I pop it into a vanilla bean syrup to give it a quick poach. And then I just take a simple little almond paste enriched with butter and egg yolk, but it on top of frozen puff pastry, and it makes a beautiful pear tart."

If you're looking to take your pears savory, Tom recommends making a pear and cheese salad, or wilting kale with lemon juice and topping with fresh or roasted pear. Thierry recommends topping with a "little bit of red wine vinegar" and nuts.

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