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Two more revelations about Seattle’s ‘Mayor Dumpster Fire’

Former Mayor Ed Murray. (AP)

To misquote the Apollo astronauts: Seattle, we have a problem.

His name is Ed Murray.

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I’ve taken to calling him “Mayor Dumpster Fire” in an attempt to never have to utter his name again, but two stories oozed out Thursday that we need to talk about.

First, we learned that the former mayor’s spokesperson, Jeff Reading, had the courage to do the right thing as he learned the awful truth about his boss. In an above-the-fold, page A1 story in Seattle Times today, we learn that Reading was in communication with a Seattle City Council member to get Dumpster Fire out of office.

I hope he twisted the knife as he stabbed the former mayor in the back. Is my extreme prejudice against people who prey on children showing? Sorry, not sorry.

Reading texted that Ed Murray was “an accident of history” and that we needed to get “the abuser out of office.” So now we have five victims that have publicly alleged Murray sexually abused them as minors. Who knows how many minors did not come forward.

We have the State of Oregon foster care system banning him from ever being allowed to work with kids, and we have the City of Seattle paying a $150,000 settlement to one of the victims.

Which brings us to the second bombshell reported by the Times today. Mayor Dumpster Fire is receiving a $115,000 a year pension paid for by tax payers. I did a spit take of my morning coffee when I read that. I won’t bore you with all the details, but did I mention that unless something is done, he will get paid $9,660 a month for the rest of his life?

I’m doing my best to not lose my mind here, but surely there’s a way the State of Washington can figure out how to not pay — an alleged — serial pedophile a pension.

Will someone please stand up for the minors this man abused and stop paying for his retirement. I think serial pedophiles belong in jail, not on the state pension payroll, but that’s just me.

Elected officials: do any of you have backbone?

Hello? Is this thing on?

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