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Dow Constantine, arts tax, SeaTac, King County
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With one tweet, Dow Constantine gets completely naked

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Dow Constantine is a naked and vile hypocrite. This one tweet proves that beyond any doubt.

In that tweet, Constantine calls “unacceptable” a letter from a company that invites their employees to contribute to their political PAC. They invite employees to participate. They do not force them to do that. You know: pro-choice. Yes, the PAC is largely conservative as the company, Sinclair (a competitor of our ownership) is owned by conservatives. Here is what is actually unacceptable: Constantine’s public exhibitionism of his pale, weak, scrawny hypocrisy.

In Constantine’s universe, a voluntary donation is unacceptable. Forcing you to fund the campaigns of Democrats and their partners is like a warm bath. Consider this handy list of proof points for that.

Dow Constantine loves forced political speech

By way of the hilariously named Honest Elections Initiative, taxpayers are forced to pay for political campaigns of politicians who take political positions directly opposed to the beliefs of the taxpayer. Dow loves that. He also loves that compelling you to pay for political speech with which you disagree allows his party to force from you political speech on their behalf.

Forced Unionization equals forced “donations” to Democrats

A large number of workers in Washington state are forced to join unions . . . that is if they want to earn a living in their chosen craft or field. These unions are political PACS almost nearly for Democrats like Constantine. Constantine loves forced unionization.

Taxpayers are forced to make political donations to Democrats; many government employees are forced to “join” labor unions–you know, like you “join” the mob’s protection program when you pay them so they don’t burn down your store. These labor unions forcibly extract money from worker’s taxpayer funded paychecks to give, about 95 percent of the time, to Democrats. Then, the unions “negotiate” for more money from the politicians they fund. Constantine is absolutely giddy for this forced money-laundering racket.

Forced extraction of illegal fees

On the Eastside, drivers are forced to pay illegal tolls on the 405 Express Lanes. Those tolls fund WSDOT, the management of which fund Democrat-heavy projects like deadly Amtrak trains and, of course, the government employee unions at WSDOT fund Democrats like Dow. You bet Dow Constantine gets a thrill thinking about that.

Sound Transit — more on them in a moment — extracts illegally calculated fees for license plate tabs. Constantine fully supports forcing people to pay illegal fees.

Forced Money Laundering Service, a Dow Constantine full body massage of graft

Through the serial criminal enterprise called Sound Transit, taxpayers are forced to make illegal donations to Mass Transit Now and Transportation Choices Coalition. These donations are bundled with big cash from companies that make massive profits from Sound Transit’s completely bloated construction budgets to railroad through life-filled jackpots like Sound Transit 3. Constantine runs Sound Transit and, given that he lied on his campaign finance disclosure form to hide that fact, Constantine is well aware of Sound Transit’s law breaking and money laundering. He is also well aware that all of the make-work jobs at Sound Transit where they build choo-choos less than 3 percent of us will use to commute will create more “donations” to Democrats.

Forced taxation with zero representation

Citizens of cities and entire counties that voted against Sound Transit 3 are forced to pay for it. For example, Pierce County voted against the boondoggle by 57 percent. Yet, courtesy of a gerrymandered taxing district that allows Seattle to tax other cities and counties, Pierce County residents–who cannot afford enough police presence–are forced to pay for a choo-choo they voted against. Sound Transit’s board is made up of unelected people selected to rubber stamp, with a smiling yes face, any Sound Transit demand no matter how farcical or illegal.

The full, naked Constantine

Dow Constantine says a company inviting voluntary donations to their political PAC is “unacceptable.” What’s laid bare in all of the above is the naked truth: if Sinclair was a liberal company or union forcing donations, Constantine would applaud.


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