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Medved: Memo’s release isn’t the end of civilization

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

This week proved that things in 2018 can turn on a dime.

“Think back with me for a moment,” Michael Medved said. “Tuesday night, the president gives his first State of the Union address. It was a triumph. It was the best moment of the Trump presidency so far. It was outstanding. It got grudging respect from people who hate Donald Trump. And all of the sudden he seemed to be on a role.

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“Well, today the market is down six hundred points and all the good feelings leftover from the State of the Union have been decimated.”

On Friday, House Intelligence Committee Republicans say they found “serious violations of the public trust” by intelligence and law enforcement agencies investigating Russian interference in the 2016 campaign, The Associated Press reports. That’s according to committee chairman Devin Nunes, who sent out a statement after a controversial memo was released, detailing what he says are abuses of power at the FBI and Department of Justice.

The FBI warned against releasing the memo and Democrats alleged the release was just to discredit the investigation.

Medved says releasing the memo was a mistake, but it doesn’t amount to a hideous crime.

“And I certainly don’t think that whatever the memo itself describes represents the end of civilization as we know it or a hideous scandal that is infinitely worse than Watergate. There is so much hyperventilating going on here.”

The memo, Medved says, is all about a decision by the FBI to continue, not begin, but to continue an investigation of Carter Page.

Medved says this isn’t the “smoking gun to end all smoking guns.”

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