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The Bible: Worse than ‘Mein Kampf?’

Dan Barker, co-president of The Freedom from Religion Foundation, believes the Bible is a worse guide for human behavior than Hitler’s “Mein Kampf.”

He took that position on my radio show, when asked about a new effort by a conservative Congressman to give Bibles to all his colleagues as a source for inspiration.

By insisting the Bible’s worse than “Mein Kampf “by an order of magnitude,” he ignores compassionate passages – like “love your neighbor as yourself” or “honor your father and mother.”

Where are comparably positive sections in Hitler’s manifesto of hate? Though terrible things have been done in the Bible’s name over 3,000 years, great things have been done as well – like ending slavery, or rescuing the poor and ill through charity.

What goodness has “Mein Kampf” inspired? The anti-religious passions of diehard secularists produce the most toxic, misguided forms of prejudice.

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