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Tom Shillue


The missing ingredient for Middle East peace

Despite the collapse of Middle East peace talks, examples of inspiring leaders from the past show reconciliation shouldn’t be impossible:

Faisal I, king of Syria and later Iraq, a direct descendant of the Prophet Mohammad, endorsed the idea-in 1919!-of a “national home” for the Jewish people in the Middle East. He told a Zionist banquet: “No true Arab can be suspicious or afraid of Jewish nationalism…We are demanding Arab freedom, and we should show ourselves unworthy of it, if we did not now, as I do, say to the Jews – welcome back home.”

And-as recently as 1977-Egypt’s Anwar Sadat went to Jerusalem to address Israel’s parliament and to plead for peace, bringing a treaty that’s lasted 35 years.

The missing ingredient for broader Middle East peace has always been Arab leaders of courage and vision.

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