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After ‘blood moon’ comes Medved’s conspiracy day

Following the ominous “blood moon” over the United States, the apparent harbinger of the coming apocalypse, host Michael Medved held his regular “conspiracy day” broadcast, reviewing the newest loony lunar-inspired notions about worldly and other-worldly events.

“This is your day to pull back the veil and expose the hidden factors that seldom get discussed,” Medved announced. “And with a full moon up there in the sky.”

So, what are the latest nuggets of twisted logic drifting around inside the American psyche?

The Bohemian Grove conspiracy: Back in the 1870s, a group of bohemians got together and formed a fun little art club for men; they purchased a large parcel of land in Northern California, and ever since have held an annual two-week campout in July. Many believe that the Bohemian Grove campout is where New World Order cultists meet to arrange their schemes. Past hits for them have been the Manhattan Project and the presidency of Ronald Reagan. Though many rich and powerful people do gather at Bohemian Grove each year, more cool-headed news reports have indicated that the affair is mostly a bacchanal for rich guys.

New 9/11 theory: One man called from California to tell Medved about a new theory he has about who actually committed the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks: confederate sympathizers. Specifically, the men and women who are related to Civil War confederate veterans. There are “36,000 of them” the caller insisted. Also, “the South will rise again.”

New United States count: Remember in 2008 when Barack Obama made a gaffe, saying that he had visited “57 states.” One caller said that he thought that Obama was telling the truth – that he was including seven new states that we have yet to annex. Those new states? Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Bahrain, Yemen, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Qatar (but not Jordan?).

Talk radio conspiracy: One caller said that he thinks Medved and his fellow broadcasters, apparently including David Boze, Ben Shapiro, Rush Limbaugh, and Dave Ramsey, are shills for mega-corporations, who promote “free trade” at the expense of the larger economy. If that’s true, Medved said, he wants more money.

Aliens: Good old space aliens. One caller says that several astronauts have even witnessed our interstellar buddies, but that the government has covered it up. In fact, space aliens are the “greatest cover-up in the history of man.”

New weapon: There’s a video circulating the Internet that shows the head of the Russian Parliament, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, claiming that he can kill 120 million Americans with a new, secret weapon that no one has ever heard of. Thankfully, Medved points out that Zhirinovsky is a well-known “Russian nut-burger” who has also endorsed polygamy.

Thirsty for more? Listen to the complete conspiracy day broadcast here.

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