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Gay marriage: Not a done deal

World Vision enjoys a well-deserved reputation as an effective, idealistic Christian relief organization, but it recently suffered an embarrassing setback in handling the same-sex marriage issue.

Protests from donors around the world forced the Seattle-based charity to back-track on a short-lived, ill-considered decision to welcome gay, married employees—even while maintaining bans on heterosexuals involved in intimate pre-marital relationships, or applicants who declined to embrace Christian teaching on the trinity.

The World Vision reversal showed many people of faith still forcefully resisting redefinition of marriage. A new AP-GfK poll carries a similar message. Only 29% “strongly favored” state laws sanctioning gay marriage, while 31% “strongly opposed.” An additional 32% either “somewhat opposed” or said they “neither favored nor opposed.” In other words, nearly two-thirds declined to back same sex marriage-despite misleading media reports of surging support.

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