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The Dems wage ‘war on science’

Democrats often try to demonize conservatives for their “war on science” but it’s the left — not the right — that consistently defies scientific evidence on gender and sexuality.

Liberals reliably ignore all studies showing men and women as fundamentally different, not just in musculature but also in brain structure. They illogically assume that over-representation of women as preschool teachers and their under-representation as combat Marines is deeply unjust.

The left also denies any element of choice in sexual orientation—ignoring evidence that a majority of those reporting same-sex experience as adolescents eventually identify as “exclusively heterosexual” as adults.

Moreover, studies show bisexuals as more numerous than either gays or lesbians, and surely those attracted to both genders exercise some degree of choice in expressing that attraction. On intimate issues concerning relationships and gender it’s the utopian left that makes war on science and reality.

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