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Feds fight drunken sex on campus

In late January, the president convened a task force of “senior administration officials” to stop drunken sex on college campuses.

Obama endorsed a new report from the White House Council on
Women and Girls showing that many female victims are “abused while they’re drunk, under the influence of drugs or otherwise incapacitated.” Most college students are under 21, so drinking and drug use are already illegal.

Nevertheless, Vice President Biden proclaimed a new federal priority to protect every female “no matter what she’s wearing, no matter whether she’s in a bar, in a dormitory, in the back seat of a car, on a street, drunk or sober.”

Sexual assault is a crime that universities must address, but is it really the business of the federal government to push for the right of young women to engage in dangerous—and illegal—behavior with a guarantee of no consequences?

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