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Government More Feared than Business

An eye-opening new Gallup Poll asked whether Americans considered big government or big business the greater threat to their country’s future.

Fully 72 percent said “big government”—the highest number in the 48 years the question’s been asked, and double the percentage in 1965. Naturally, 92 percent of Republicans feared “big government” more than “big business,” but 71 percent of independents agreed with them. That means the GOP should appeal to these swing voters by affirming, not compromising, on a small government agenda.

Amazingly, even Democrats saw government as more threatening than business—by a margin of 56 to 36. That means a push to shrink federal power cannot only rally the GOP base and draw independent support, but might even steal Democratic votes from an out-of-touch party self-destructively determined to expand Washington’s intrusive role.

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