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Paul Ryan for president? Poll numbers already stellar

U.S. Congressman Paul Ryan shares a moment with Sen. Patty Murray during recent federal budget negotiations. (AP)

After interviewing the congressman on Monday afternoon about a new budget deal brewing in Washington, Michael Medved revealed polling data that shows Paul Ryan may be poised for a successful 2016 presidential bid – if he decides to run.

A Des Moines Register poll found that Ryan has a 73 percent approval rating in Iowa, which will host the first presidential primary in 2016. Though Medved was careful to note that it’s an “early, early” poll, the numbers are astoundingly in Ryan’s favor.

Ryan has a 34 percent “very favorable” rating in Iowa, according to the poll, and the next such highest rating higher than 20 percent went to former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who won the Iowa primary in 2008.

“The numbers here are just dramatic,” Medved said. “Nobody else does particularly as well in this early, early Iowa poll.”

But Medved said it’s too early to tell if Ryan will run, and that he’s focused on fixing problems in Washington, especially wasteful spending. In fact, it’s that focus on governing that might make Ryan such an appealing candidate to Republicans, moderates, independent voters, and even some Democrats.

“What [Ryan] cares most about, without any question, is governing right now; it’s doing the right thing for the country and the party,” Medved said.

Ryan spoke with Medved Monday to talk about a bipartisan federal budget compromise that he orchestrated with U.S. Sen. Patty Murray, D-Washington. That budget deal passed the U.S. House last week overwhelmingly 332-94.

“At the end of the day, people want to see that their government can work, and that Republicans can do that,” Ryan told Medved.

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