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Hollywood Priorities in Battling Injustice

The new movie MANDELA: LONG WALK TO FREEDOM, completed months before Nelson Mandela’s death, is a sweeping epic dramatizing the fight for justice of one of the most admired personalities of our time.

Prior Hollywood films similarly portrayed the battle against racist oppression in South Africa, including INVICTUS with Morgan Freeman, RED DUST with Hillary Swank, A DRY WHITE SEASON with Marlon Brando, CRY FREEDOM with Denzel Washington and many more. But while entertainment companies frequently celebrated the anti-Apartheid cause in South Africa, Hollywood unaccountably ignored the simultaneous, even more significant struggle against the murderous brutalities of Soviet Communism – a battle involving more than 400 million enslaved people, not just 40 million.

Successful fights for freedom are always inspiring but, to movie-makers, those who overcame Communist tyranny somehow deserved less attention than those who triumphed over Apartheid.

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