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Michael Medved


Blamed for success?

A New York Times story reports that “resentment simmers” in San Francisco because “orange construction cranes dot the skyline” and the local economy booms. The
Times laments that “tech workers have, rightly or wrongly, received the blame” for “a city in danger of losing its diversity.”

Only demented and doctrinaire liberals could embrace the idea that anyone deserves “blame” for soaring construction and an explosion of new businesses.

One local resident mourns that all the new economic activity is “expelling the performance artists, the poets, the muralists, the activists.” But actually, it’s precisely that sort of entrepreneurial energy that might give even the most self-indulgent performance artists and activists the first-time thrill of productive employment.

It’s preposterous to suggest that prosperous tech workers deserve condemnation while poets and muralists need protection in the name of diversity.

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