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‘Catching Fire’ Won’t Ignite Conservative Cause

It’s not surprising that the well-crafted “Hunger Games” sequel “Catching Fire” ignited the box office with its $161 million opening, but it does come as a shock that some outspoken conservatives have embraced the movie for perceived anti-Obama messages in its lurid images of a dystopian future.

The right wing website offered the headline: “‘Hunger Games’ Sequel: Cautionary Tales Abound in Age of Obama” suggesting that “the notion of a bullying, omnipresent government quaking in its boots that the people may rally to undermine its power is something even teens…can’t miss.”

Actually, visions of wealthy elites ruthlessly suppressing the downtrodden working masses hardly count as classically conservative. Moreover, the story’s underlying theme of violent revolution will do little to encourage skeptical young people to get politically involved supporting Constitutional means to advance the cause of liberty.

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