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Business bashing for kiddies

Hollywood leftists proudly insert business-bashing, progressive propaganda even into films for little kids. In February, the vocal talents of Liam Neeson, Channing Tatum and Morgan Freeman will give life to The Lego Movie, an animated adventure based on the popular Danish toy.

But the villain of the piece, voiced by Will Ferrell, is “President Business” described as “an uptight CEO who wants the world to fit into his well organized plans” and “seeks to crush the free-form creativity expressed by rebel Master Builders.” Co-writer/director Phil Lord proudly describes his kiddie feature as a “gonzo, punk-rock anti-establishment kind of movie.”

Only a Hollywood sophisticate could sense a clear difference between the evil, greedy “President Business” and the presumably selfless corporate heads of Warner Brothers, the movie’s distributor, or the Lego Group, which earns yearly revenues above $3 billion.

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