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Obamacare’s three big lies

Mounting fury over nationwide insurance cancellations does far more serious damage to Obamacare than does a dysfunctional website. Already, millions have received notices terminating insurance policies because new federal regulations demand a different menu of benefits. In Obamacare’s first year, many more people will lose their current plans than will sign up for insurance for the first time.

This situation undermines three key promises by the president. First, we’re likely to see more uninsured Americans, not fewer. Second, the pledge that “you can keep your current insurance if you like it” stands exposed as a grotesque lie. And third, sticker shock regarding vastly more expensive replacement policies contradicts oft-repeated claims that “typical” families would see premium reductions of $2,500 a year.

There’s only one response to such shameful deceptions: sweeping electoral rejection of Obamacare and all Democrats who supported it.

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