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John Batchelor


‘Thinking Twice’ on Gun Ownership

Proposed bus ads discouraging gun ownership met surprising resistance from two suburban counties near Seattle. Transit officials cited policies banning ads on controversial subjects in blocking inside and outside panels urging the public to THINK TWICE ABOUT HAVING A GUN IN YOUR HOME.

One of the ads from Washington CeaseFire explained, “It Could Mean the Difference between a Mere Argument or a Funeral.” Such language undermines common claims by gun control advocates that they respect fire arms ownership by law-abiding citizens. These ads clearly aim at responsible community members, suggesting we’d all be safer if gun-owners gave up the weapons they keep for self-defense.

The ad sponsors plaintively insist, “We have to do something!” but leaving neighbors alone to make their own decisions on home protection is better than launching expensive ads to stigmatize gun-owners.

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