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Jason Rantz


An Unreasonable (and Ignorant) ‘Day of Reason’

The mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina undermined the recent National Day of Prayer by honoring demands of atheist activists and proclaiming that date an official “Day of Reason.”

The proclamation by Anthony Foxx, who’s been named the new Secretary of Transportation by President Obama, seemed to dismiss religion by insisting that “the application of reason, more than any other means, has proven to offer hope for human survival.” Mayor Foxx apparently forgot about the most prominent historical experiments attempting to replace faith with “reason.”

In France, ruling revolutionaries sacked churches and cathedrals, re-branding them as “Temples of Reason” while slaughtering tens of thousands. And in Bolshevik Russia, Communists converted religious sites into “Museums of Scientific Atheism” and murdered millions. “Reason” as understood by atheists hardly represents the best “hope for human survival” and advancement.

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