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The Politics of Shared Hatred, Not Shared Values

Imagine how enlightened leftists on college campuses would react to a story about a small town police force arresting young men for keeping their hair too long, and then brutally shaving their heads—or savagely beating teenagers for the crime of wearing fashionable skinny jeans.

Would politically correct kids express sympathy and understanding for such repressive cops? But when the outrageous cruelty occurs in Gaza, it doesn’t stop American progressives from siding with the Islamist terrorist group, Hamas. Student activists and others continue to back Hamas with their ‘Boycott, Divest and Sanction’ campaign against Israel—even though Hamas would oppress such activists and all others who dared deviate from fundamentalist Muslim law. The secular left comes together with Islamic radicals not based on shared values, but only through shared hatred of America, Israel and the Western world.

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