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John Batchelor


Thatcher-Clinton Comparisons Show Hillary’s Vulnerabilities

The death of Margaret Thatcher led numerous media commentators to draw dubious comparisons between Britain’s “Iron Lady” and prospective president Hillary Clinton.

But Thatcher spent her entire life espousing the same core principles—including opposition to the Nanny State and unbending resistance to Communist tyranny. What, precisely, are the consistent ideals indelibly associated with Hillary Clinton? Moreover, Thatcher contributed dozens of pithy, quotable remarks—like “don’t go wobbly,” or “the problem with socialism is you ultimately run out of other people’s money.”

Hillary’s most memorable statements involved dark hints about a “vast right wing conspiracy” or saying of Benghazi, “what difference does it make?” Finally, Thatcher climbed to power on her own while Clinton initially gained national influence through her husband’s achievements. The contrast between these women highlights undeniable vulnerabilities in Hillary’s potential White House bid.

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