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Curley to Mike O’Brien: Let homeless people live in your house

(File, Associated Press)

Seattle City Councilmember Mike O’Brien does not agree with the city’s efforts to discourage homeless camps. He argues that fences and other structures should not be used to keep an estimated 5,500 unsheltered people from sleeping outside in unauthorized places.

KIRO Radio’s John Curley has a suggestion for the Ballard council member: Shelter a homeless person in your own house.

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“Maybe you’ve got some room down in the basement. Let two homeless people live there. And why not encourage other city council members to take in homeless people?” Curley said. “For probably $25,000 a year, you could feed the guy. You could clothe him. And he could live in your basement. And that would really show the rest of America, and Seattle specifically, that you care desperately. Because you actually opened your home to a homeless person. Do that.”

“Even if he did do that, it wouldn’t solve the homelessness problem,” Tom Tangney retorted.

“For one person, it would,” Curley said.

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