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Jason Rantz


Two Rallies, Two World Views

Media bias emerged in particularly glaring terms in coverage of two Washington rallies. On January 25th, more than 500,000 people joined the “March for Life” to observe the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. The next day, planners of the “Million Mom March Against Guns” sought an even bigger turnout, but drew only 6,000 participants with signs like “Repeal the 2nd Amendment.”

Amazingly, media treated the two events as comparably significant or, in the case of theNew York Times, emphasized the anti-gun event. Most reporters, however, missed the moment when an organizer listed mass shootings and declared “they all began with a gun.” In other words, the left sees an inanimate object, not human agency, as the source of evil, while their unwavering support for abortion treats any unborn child as just another inanimate object.

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