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Michael Medved


Heights of Hollywood Hypocrisy

In a recent internet ad, a posse of A-list Hollywood celebrities led by Jamie Foxx, Will Ferrell, Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz conveyed the message “We Demand a Plan” – insisting that the president should outline a new program to “end gun violence.”

Of course, no governmental action could ever end gun violence, or even begin to confiscate the 300 million firearms in private hands. Moreover, the hypocrisy of the Hollywood crowd is breathtaking: an anonymous internet post interposed their earnest pleas for gun regulation with scenes from their own movies featuring graphic, often sadistic, gun violence.

Rather than demanding a plan from the president to impose new rules on others, how about imposing a new rule on themselves– taking a public pledge never again to participate in projects using sadism, murder and mayhem as forms of entertainment.

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