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Tom Shillue


The Toxic Mix of Rage and Worship

Muslim communities around the world erupted in violent, anti-American protests on September 14th, purportedly provoked by snippets of a crudely produced video mocking Mohammed. Experts widely predicted that day’s turmoil because Friday is the Islamic day of public prayers, and riots often follow. Those equating Islam with Christianity and Judaism should try recalling the last time crowds surged out of synagogues or churches to storm embassies and battle authorities.

The unrest in the Middle East demonstrates the complete failure of President Obama’s efforts to “re-set” Muslim-American relations, or to tamp down the fiery anger supposedly centered on George W. Bush. Appeasement, flattery and moral relativism don’t work: in his 2009 Cairo speech the president said Islam and the West should “learn from each other,” but what can America really learn from those who associate worship with violent rage?

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