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What’s better than competing in the Winter Games?

SPONSORED — Watching someone else do it while sipping a cocktail in the warmth of your own home surrounded by friends who are watching – and hopefully cheering – some of the bravest athletes in the world showcase their bravery and skill.

From the guts of downhill ski racing, the artistry of figure skating or the endurance of cross-country skiing, the Winter Games are truly a showcase for the best that the world has to offer as well as an opportunity to see just how a country as small as Norway produces such incredible talent.

And getting into the Olympic spirit, Heritage Distilling Co. wanted to give you a guide to making sure that the pageantry packs a punch this month:

Blue: The Nordic ski
Cross-country skiing isn’t a sport, it’s how a Swede goes to the grocery store. And while it isn’t the most glamorous of events, it is the most functional and – in this rendition – the fanciest:

1 ½ ounce Heritage Distilling Co. Blueberry vodka
2 Basil leaves
½ ounce Lemon juice
Top with Tonic
Garnish with blueberries

Black: The Slapshot
It isn’t Canada’s national sport so much as its obsession. So forget the white Russian, and try something a little more workmanlike.

1 ½ ounce Heritage Distilling Co. Vanilla vodka
Pour over ice
Top with Black coffee

Red: The Ice Dancer
Forget the debate over the sporting merits. Just sit back and embrace the performance of this delight. Oh yeah, and watch some ice skating, too.

1 ounce Heritage Distilling Co. Ruby Red vodka
1 ounce Heritage Distilling Co. Raspberry vodka
Top with Grapefruit juice
Garnish with raspberries & rosemary sprig

Yellow: The Gold Medal
Nothing like the gold. Not in the Olympics, and certainly not in the hue of this cocktail, which will bubble to the top of your guest’s wishlist.

1 ½ ounce Heritage Distilling Co. Mango vodka
1 ounce Sours
Top with Club soda
Garnish with mango

Green: Nigerian Bobsled Team
It’s the platypus of these games. Charming, endearing and eminently lovable, but you’re not quite sure as to the circumstances that produced it. Well, don’t think too hard. Just enjoy!

1 ½ ounce Heritage Distilling Co. Elk Rider vodka
Top with Limeade
Garnish with cucumber and mint

For bonus points: Rim each glass with appropriately colored sugar sprinkles!

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